Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why YOU Can Make Video Rock

If you are in business or in business marketing, you have been told hundreds of times in the last couple of years that video is an unbelievable marketing and communication tool.  And of course with the explosion of social media tools, that truth is even more true (if that's possible).

But the other thing about video is that you can take the mundane and make interesting.  You can take the boring speech that no one wants to hear, and make it a video that's fun and shareable.  So believe it or not...this video is a safety tool.

But of course now it's more than that.  Now it makes you (if you are like me) say, "I want to fly Virgin America.  They look fun."

So that safety video just became a viral marketing piece.  Take that.

Are You Grinding? You Should Be

No this is not about dancing!  :)

Everyone has ideas.  As a matter of fact, I have in some ways devalued ideas because they are so common.  What I value anymore is execution.  I value the person who is willing to put themselves out there and take the first step to make the idea happen.

But that is only the first step.

What the real pro does is go out there every day and make it happen...consistently...over time.

Where are you at in this process?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Now This Got My Attention

For those that sell (or clean, or install) Blinds...

You might want to try this!  :)

It got my attention and it made me smile!

Owning Your Goals

I have heard people recently say that you might want to keep your goals to yourself.  They feel that you might be better off, more likely to succeed, or safer by not announcing your intentions to the universe.  I couldn't disagree more.

I am a huge proponent of regularly putting your goals and dreams on paper.  I think you should do so for your own motivation and internalization.  But I also like the idea of putting that paper up in your office or home so you can see them every day.

I also believe there is power in sharing your goal or dream with others.  It takes guts to do this.  After all, you might fail.  But in my experience, by putting your goal on paper, you are several steps toward achieving it.  But telling others, (if they are the right people) you now have a support system and a cheering section.

I like what Seth Godin says today about "Owning" it.  Get out there and Dream Big.  Now tell someone.  Now do the next right thing to make it happen!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Green Apparel...and Not Just The Color

Eco-friendly products and “green” initiatives are nothing new in the promotional industry, especially in the apparel sector. But in many cases, cost has outweighed demand...

Read more here.  

What do you think?  Will your company focus on sustainable apparel?  Let us know!

Are You Pushing The Envelope

What is your USP?  That is a question I have asked myself and my clients for a long time.  It's an important question to consider so that you can see how to position yourself in the market...and specifically against your competition.  Another way of asking is, "Why should customers buy from you?"

Now it's time to take it up a notch.

In this world filled with noise and confusion, you have to do more than be different sometimes.  You need to stand least to someone!  This does not necessarily mean that you need to channel your inner Miley Cyrus and make a complete spectacle of yourself. 

But I do think you need to push the envelope in some way.  

Does that mean you are providing more information for customers?  Are you totally over the top with service?  It's about providing more value in some way.  How do you break through the noise?

So regardless of your field, you need to be thinking of ways to "Push The Envelope" in a way that is specifically good for you customer.  If you can do that, you are on the right track to success!

Need a Name?

Short post alert!  Need a name for your website, business or project?  Struggling to come up with something?  Seth Godin tells about about Wordoid.  Check it out!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hasseman Marketing Customer Show

(Coshocton, OH) – Promotional products distributor Hasseman Marketing recently hosted their annual Customer Appreciation Show on Thursday October 10th at Lake Park Pavilion.  The “end user” style show boasted the theme “Oktoberfest” and had over 15 vendors represented for the over 125 customers in attendance.
“This year’s show was off the charts,” says owner Kirby Hasseman.  “The venue, the suppliers, and the customers came together to make a wonderful atmosphere.  We love to be able to provide this opportunity for our clients.”
Hasseman dubs the event as “a must see marketing event” as it features a trade show-like atmosphere and even includes a speaker.  This year’s speaker was Larry Tripplet who spoke to the group about how to grow their company using the “balanced scorecard.”  You can see video highlights of the event at:
Hasseman Marketing has been located in Coshocton County since its incorporation in 2004.  Collectively, the Hasseman Marketing staff has well over 60 years of experience in the promotional products industry.  Since 2004, Hasseman Marketing has had a strong foundation in and around Ohio.  With the creation of  (their new e-commerce website), Hasseman Marketing hopes to continue to grow and expand its reach outside of the state. 
Hasseman Marketing & Communications believes in “Delivering Marketing Joy” and specializes in promotional products and video production.  Established in 2004, Hasseman Marketing has been helping clients large and small increase their overall sales and profitability through targeted marketing efforts.  For more information on Hasseman Marketing, you can visit them online at or you can find them on Facebook at!/hassemanmarketing.

Follow Your Passion

I have often said that I think everyone should start a company at some point in their life.  I think that starting a business is a GREAT learning experience for a bunch of reasons.

First, it's an exercise you can't learn by reading about it.  You need to jump in and see what works and what doesn't.

Second, even if you work for someone else, starting a business can make you a better employee.  You bring a different mindset to work...and you have a better understanding when tough decisions have to be made.

But another reason is that it gives you a way to follow your passion.  Want to start a business? Thought about starting a business?  Watch this cool video with Gary Vaynerchuk and get excited.

I watched this and have re-visited another business idea.  It's fun.  What business will you start?

Then go do it!

Having Fun in The Office

Many of you are familiar with the This is Sportscenter ad campaign that ESPN ran for a long time.   They are silly and are supposed to give a "behind the scenes" look at the operation of sportscenter.  They are fun.

We decided it would be fun to create a spoof of the concept for ourselves.  So we created the first of our "This is Marketing Joy" ads last week. 

Take a look and let us know what you think!

We will be coming up with more soon.  Enjoy!

Do's and Don'ts for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful social networking site for business professionals...but are you using it?  I know that though I use LinkedIn, I can do it better.

Here is a good article from Kevin Daum on some Do's and Don'ts for LinkedIn Success.

I particularly like the one on testimonials and endorsements.  I don't need more people to endorse my bowstaff skills!  :)

3 Ways To Be More Productive

Timothy Ferris is the author of "The 4 Hour Work Week" and "The 4 Hour Body."  He is certainly a dude with a unique perspective...and I like that.  I have often said that he is one experiment from being a "super villain."

But he has some interesting ways to be more productive.  Check them out here.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Finding the Best Advertising

For any business, finding an advertising piece that provides initial impact and long term brand recognition is the Holy Grail of marketing.  You want to have something that gains attention...and keeps it. 

Enter a study that talks about the Power of Promotional Products.  This article dives into statistics that frames the effectiveness of promotional products in relation to other major media.

Based on this article...are you doing enough with Promotional Products?

Combining Social Media and Promo...Big Results

If you are not at least thinking of a social media strategy for your business, you are already behind.  But that's okay.  You can get in the game any time.  That's good news.

Combining the social platform with video can create an even stronger content play.  That makes sense to most small business marketers.

But what about promo?

We have had a lot of success in creating synergy with promotional products and social media.  Whether we create buzz by a promotional giveaway, or driving traffic to social from the item...they can really make sense.

But I love this!  Here is a very creative way (and funny) to combine the power of social and promo.

So how can you create something fun for you business that reaches across marketing borders?

Customer Experience Is King

From the way your work place sounds when someone walks in, to the way they are greeted, to the way the product is's all apart of the Customer Experience.  In today's economy, consumers are looking harder than ever for an experience that gives them human connection.  The hyper-fast world has created a situation where, if you take a second to do more, you can truly stand out!

That is why we talk about "Delivering Marketing Joy" at Hasseman Marketing.  You have to do something more to connect with your customers or they can find your product or service elsewhere.

Here is a blog about some companies that are focusing on the customer experience.  You can learn something from each of them.

So what are you doing to enhance the customer experience?  And if nothing, what can you do today?

Do You Come To Work Sick?

I came across this article this morning.  The premise is that 90% of Americans admit to coming to work sick.  Not only that, they come when they know they are contagious.  Obviously this helps to spread the germs quicker and increases the chance of all of us getting sick.

So that's no good.  Check out the article here that talks about how to fight this.

But what do you think?  I am sure I have been in the 90% (though I simply don't get sick).  I have always been in the mindset that if you are not totally down and out, you come to work.

What do you think?  What do you do?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Everyone is a Media Company

For the last half a year or more, Hasseman Marketing has been very focused on putting out interesting content that not only engages and entertains...but informs.  Why?  Because that is how business is going to be done moving forward.  There is SO much information and clutter in the market place, it is extremely difficult to break through.  So...

We all need to be in the business of storytelling.

Here is Gary Vaynerchuk echoing my feelings on the subject in a video rant.

So the question is, what are you doing to tell your story in the market place?  It's a question you need to consider sooner rather than later.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Teaching someone something new when they say "I know" is REALLY difficult.  So remember, if you want to be someone that is constantly learning, you might want to re-examine  using that phrase.

If you think you already are not ready to learn.  Here is my newest blog post to Medium on this topic.

Now get out there and learn something you didn't already know!  :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Embracing New Medium

I recently learned about a new blog space called Medium.  I have been reading some articles on it and was invited to write.  Since it was my first "try" at a blog post there I tried to put my best foot forward.  You can read that here.

I really like the look and layout of Medium and I am find some good articles as well.  I have also gotten good feedback from this "experiment."

I think the lesson, in this quickly changing world, is don't get too attached to the "channel" that you are putting content into.  Try new things.  Don't be afraid to change.

By doing this, you put yourself in the position of being a leader.  

Don't Say No Before Your Customer Can

Anyone that is in business or in sales (and we are all in sales) has done this at one time or another.  We all think we "know" our customer so well that we know their wants and needs.  And hopefully you do.  But we don't always know for sure.  Sometimes they are working on something we don't know about.  Other times something has changed and they have different needs.

This happened to me's the story.

The moral of the story is...don't say no before your customer can.  Show them your best and craziest ideas.  You may be surprised which ones they go with!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Learning Sales from a Cub Scout

Any of us that have donned the "sales cap" have experienced the hesitation or fear that comes with being rejected.  It's hard not to take in personal!

Here is a lesson about enthusiasm and sales from Boy Scouts selling Popcorn.

Oh and by the way, if you are enthusiastic and excited about what you are selling (like those Boy Scouts) you are much more likely to get the "yes."

The Power of Taking an Interest

As you may have read on here, Hasseman Marketing has put our name in on the Mission Main Street grant from Chase Bank.  They are going to give $250,000 to 12 different businesses in order to bolster that small business.  It would have a huge impact on our business, so we entered.  We filled out the questions, fulfilled the requirements and then needed to get 250 people to vote for us in order to be "in the competition."

We were on our way, slow but sure.  But with 10 days left in order to get the votes, we still had a ways to go.  And I must admit I was starting to think of ways to make it happen.

Then in stepped Jon Walters.

Jon took an interest by sharing the links and commenting and supporting the cause.  That was great.  But then he took it a step further.  He posted a new Facebook link and started to rally his friends to support this.  He thanked those that said they voted and continued posting all day yesterday until we reached the goal of 250 votes after midnight.  It was awesome.

Now I don't know if we will get the grant (I certainly hope so).  But by taking an interest in our goal, Jon rallied an entire group of people in a short period of time in order to affect something positive for us.  Jon doesn't work for us and has no affiliation with Hasseman Marketing.  But we share a community and he felt this could have a positive impact on it.

Wow.  Thanks Jon.  And thanks to everyone who "takes an interest" to make a positive impact on their community as well!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Are You Taking Time To Take a Breath

My family and I had time recently to make a whirlwind tour to Niagra Falls.  This was an amazing family time for us.  But it was also a time for me to take a moment to be in awe of nature's power.

Here is a quick video blog I shot while walking beside the Class 6 (highest in the world) rapids near the falls. 

What a trip.  I highly recommend taking the time to take a breath when you can!

What The Customer Wants

We have posted several videos on here that talk about exceptional customer service.  I like those.  They show us what each of us can do (if we choose to) to make a difference in our customers day.  Great reminders.

But what happens when the inevitable challenge does happen?  What happens when we do mess up and there is (or has been) a real challenge?

I tell our team that this is when we have a real chance to shine.  Mainly because this is where most companies totally drop the ball.

Here is Seth Godin talking about what a complaining customer really wants...and it's not a refund.

What are you doing when your customers complain?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

8 Business Principles that Last A Lifetime

One of the goals of this blog is to gather great ideas in one place for you to expand your perspective and motivate.  I think this post does both.

Jeff Haden talks about 8 Principles that survive the management fads.  

I have a feeling I will read this one again and again. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Root FOR Your Team, Not AGAINST The Other

I was at a Varsity Girls Tournament Soccer game last night where my daughters' team was in action.  It was an intense, "win or go home" scenario that had each team on edge and the game was probably more rough than normal.

Both sets of teams brought passionate fans that were there to cheer on their girls.  It was great.

As the game wore on, the predictable behavior started to emerge.  The attitude shifted from "I want my team to do well" to "I want our team to beat that team," to "I want THAT team to lose!"  In a tournament game that attitude is predictable, if not inevitable.

But does it have to be?

Whether we are watching a girls soccer game, college football game, or we are competing in the business arena, do we really need the "other team" to lose?  I think the lesson from last night is consistent.  We just really need for "our team" to give their best effort and deliver.

And frankly, that's the thing we are more likely to control anyway.

8 Ways to Energize Your Morning

This is a good one.  We all have had mornings where our get up and go, got up and went.  But here is a quick 8 step process to improve the spring in your step each day.  

Start today, on a Friday.  Now see if you can carry these out on Monday!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Who NOT To Have at a Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming can be a very powerful activity as long as everyone in the room has the right idea in mind.   Obviously each person in the room needs to feel comfortable sharing ideas.  That's simply not always the case.

Here is a really good article about who NOT to invite.

But as the article suggests, you can't always avoid bringing them into the room.  I like the suggestions they outline to help with this.  Most important, I think, is to set the tone right up front so that everyone feels comfortable share.

Otherwise they won't...and the organization loses.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Power of the Extra Step

At some point today or tomorrow, you will likely get a phone call, email, letter, etc. from someone that you could help.  At that point, we all must make the decision about what to do.

Do you do:

1)  Nothing?
2)  As little as possible?
3)  A little bit more?

This is no moral judgement.  I struggle with this every day.  But here is an article that reminds me what can happen if I do more than "I have too."  

Let's each try to do a little more today. 

Take Your Own Opinion Out For Examination

In a video that was posted to this blog yesterday, Tim Minchin laid out 9 rules for life at a graduation speech.  It was interesting to me because I started to listen because it made me laugh.  Then I watched it again because it made me think.  Then I wanted to share it with friends and family because it did both!

One of his rules that I found myself thinking about this morning (and there were several) was the idea that you need to take your opinions out and examine them on a regular basis.  So much of the time we spend our time with those that are like-minded and we consume media that agrees with our biases and we assume we are right.  And maybe we are.  But I love the idea of taking our opinions out and really thinking about them...really discussing them.

And please, if you decide to do this, don't just use the same tired arguments you hear on TV.  Give it some thought.  You might find you don't believe what you thought you did.  Or maybe you do!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A GREAT Graduation Speech

I was turned onto this video last night by a buddy at a Poker Game.  I actually left the room long enough to watch this and found it fun and compelling. 

So I just wanted to share it.  Fun and interesting.  That's what I hope most of these posts provide.

This one (not because of me) is because the of Tim Minchin.  Great message for the day!

Speaker from the Customer Show

Many of you attended our Customer Appreciation Show this year, and we appreciate that!  It was a really great event and we loved the new venue!

One of the features of the show recently has been the speaker we bring in so we can provide a great educational value for the day.  This year's speaker was Larry Tripplett and he did a great job of entertaining and informing our guests.

In case you missed it, here is Larry's speech!

Thanks to Larry and to all the folks who helped to make the event special this year!

For the Dad's In Your Life

Our man Jeff Wickerham has been doing a video blog recently and he just posted this one about the special men in your life.

Check out the blog here.

Who is the person in your life that has made a difference?  Tell them so.

Have You Worked In Retail?

I have worked in retail and owned a retail store.  Candidly, I had not thought about this, but nearly all of my employees have worked in retail at some point.

Read this article about retail. 

Have you worked in retail?  Do you agree?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Giving Back Helps Build Relationships

In an earlier post today, I talked about the great event we were apart of this weekend.  It was a great event and I was glad to be a part of it.

Here is a quick video blog to discuss why these events go a long way toward building and strengthening relationships in a community.  

What "Give Back" Goals do you have?

Marketing Insights from the World's Biggest Brands

I always love an article that takes me to an event and then boils down some key points for me to consider.  Here is a quick one done from the Incite Marketing Summit.  

I always try to drink the competitions beer...but I'm not sure it's exactly what they mean here.  :)

Great Causes are Great Because...

Yesterday was the Healthy Is Beautiful 10k in Tuscarawas County and several of us from HMC had an opportunity to be a part of it.  (We will post video soon!)  It was a fantastic event and it was done extremely well.  It was one of those events that had all of the i's dotted and t's crossed.  Good stuff.

Our family also was excited because we were able to do this race in memory of my grandmother (Peggy Heakin) who had Parkinson's disease.  This race raised money for a new unit at Union Hospital that will help folks affected by this disease.  So we made it a family affair.

But this event was done right for a few great reasons:

1)  They went BIG:  The goal for this race (from the organizer Mark Luikart) was to raise $100,000!  Now that's a goal!  Here's the thing, sometimes goals like this can be overwhelming.  But no one reaches $100,000 if they only shoot for $5,000.  If you want to really rally and group and make a difference...go BIG!

2)  Made it a team thing:  The race organizers had people register in teams.  This can be tough because runners tend to be loners sometimes.  But it got folks going who would not have otherwise come because they needed to be on a team.  And it built in your support group!

3)  Rallied the Community:  They asked each runner to raise money.  This was a risk too.  But I heard this on the race course:

Man:  Do you know that guy?
Woman:  Yes, he sponsored me!  He is the owner of XXX Pizza!

Now that couple has a real connection with the owner of the pizza shop.  They worked together to do something great.  That's good for both of them!

4)  Focus on the Experience:  The event gave great gifts and had an unbelievable meal afterwards.  Those are hard costs that I am sure are hard to swallow on the front end.  But what an experience for the racer!  Now I am sure (as are those that were there) to tell others to do this race because it was a great experience!

So thanks to the organizers of this great race!  I am sore but inspired to take on Monday thanks to you!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wow! And The Power of Video

As a company that provides video production services, we spend a lot of time telling our clients that "storytelling" is the key to great video.  And by the way, we are right.  But it's also worth mentioning that when you have a compelling story, video can be the MOST effective tool to tell it.

Here is a short blog post from Seth Godin about this fact.  Here he will lead you to a video you really should watch.

Not only will it probably be thought provoking.  But it also serves to show you how video can be used to tell your story really well!

3 Healthy Habits to Help With Success

After a long week I woke this morning "seeing light" outside.  Hopefully I am not seeing the light at the end of the just meant I slept in a bit for the first time in a while.  It felt great.

When you are in the middle of big projects, sometimes rest is the first thing that gets sacrificed.  The problem with this is that without the proper rest, studies show that your brain can't function at its top...which hurts the project!  I tell my daughters this when studying for a test.  You are better off to get a good nights sleep than stay up all night and cram.  Really.

Here is an article that ads to my advice.

So on this weekend, feel free to use the time to re-charge.  Your employees, co-workers and clients on Monday will thank you!

Friday, October 11, 2013

5 Traits of Wildly Successful People

I always enjoy articles like this.  They usually make think...and at least explore what of these I am doing (or not). 

Here is an article that talks about Tim Ferris, Sugar Ray Leonard and Steve Spielberg.  Let's face it...not a bad group to emulate!

Great Storytelling in Video

The very best videos have a great story behind them.  They have been well-thought out...and well-executed.  Here is a cool article (with video to back it up) that can help you think about your next video project!

So...what is your next Chicken Cam?

Thank You! And You! And YOU!

Some of you know that yesterday was our Annual Hasseman Marketing Customer Appreciation Day in Coshocton Ohio.  We had a fantastic event and if you followed us on Facebook or Twitter, you know we had a lot of fun!

But that's not the whole story here.

When people attend the event, I think they understand the amount of effort we put into throwing this party.  We do this because we love it.  We have a lot of fun putting these details together and they seeing them all come together.  They also see how much work it is...and it is.  But at the very end of the show, Amy and I talked about being energized, not exhausted (that came a little later).

I think the reason we have that feeling is that this show gives us an opportunity to introduce two groups of friends.  We have spent a "business lifetime" developing relationships with our clients.  We have a fantastic group of people that support us regardless of the venture...and that is humbling.  We get excited to throw this appreciation party for that group of customers because they deserve that sort of "standing ovation."

The other group of friends is our supplier partners that were at the show.  We got SO many compliments on them and their ideas and presentations.  Customers came up to us and told us how each and every one of them took time to try and give them ideas to grow their business.  But we knew they would!  We have really been blessed to grow those relationships as well over the past few years.  And we get excited to see them as they roll into town because they are not just business partners...but friends.

So thank you, to each of our groups of friends, for making this year's event the best one ever.  It was great to have the opportunity to "introduce" these two groups.  Can't wait for our next reason to "party" together!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Want B2B Clients? You Better Use Video

Don't take it from me, video is the expert choice for making an impact in business.  Did you know was the 2nd largest search engine in the world?   Chances are, if your customers are doing research (on you our your competitors) they are watching videos.

Read more in this article from about how to make yourself a marketing HERO!

If you want to make an impact, tell a story, create a brand niche, and/or grow your business...consider using video as a tool.

Keep an eye out and we will be posting a series of tips on making your videos effective!

It's Time For Us To Learn From Taxi Terry

This is the 2nd Customer Service story I have posted in two days.  And the customer service portion of this story is real.  But Taxi Terry is not JUST about Customer Service.

He is about Customer Experience.  And Customer Experience is about Marketing.

Check out this video about Taxi Terry and ask yourself what you could do to improve the Customer Experience in your 

Scheduling Some "Me" Time

Anyone in business, leading an organization, or in sales understands that if you are passionate about something, you can over-do it.  And when we over-do it, we can struggle to be fresh, have great ideas, and be clear-headed for decision making.

The solution...take some "me" time to re-charge.  Here is a quick article on 4 Ways to Have a Life Outside of Business.

What are you doing to re-charge this weekend?

Control What YOU Can Control

Though I enjoy the positives of Social Media (being able to catch up with friends, share laughs, see great pictures and share events in my life) it is easy to get fatigued by the venom and negativity that is prevalent out the there.

Actually, when you see how mean and shallow some adults can be on Facebook, it's not hard to imagine kids being bullied.

But I don't think it has to be this way.  It seems to me that much of the frustration and venom I see on the Social Media outlets have to do with things that are simply out of the author's control.  They obsess about what others are saying about them, about the economy, and yes, the government shutdown.  All the while, I just go on my merry way and try to make each day a good one.  And guess what, most of the time, I do!

It's not that I am not concerned about the shutdown.  It's not that I am not frustrated by a group of "leaders" that can't seem to agree on what color to paint the bathroom.  I am.

But I can't control it.  So I refuse to obsess over it.  It's counterproductive.

Stephen Covey talked about focusing on your Circle of Influence.  He said if we focus only on what's in our Circle of Influence, we will be more effective...and that Circle would eventually expand.

So stop obsessing and focusing on what you can't control.  Seriously!  I can't stop thinking about you!  :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reaching Out In Appreciation...even when you don't have too!

One of our Account Executives, Jeff Wickerham, has recently started doing a video blog and we really liked the message today. 

We each see great things each and every day.  But do you acknowledge it?  Jeff explains to us why we should and how that makes us feel!

A Telekenetic Movie Experience

Maybe we are just in a "movie" frame of mind today, but this got us going too!  Here is a really creative and fun video to promote the new Carrie movie.

This took some thinking and some production...but wow!

Anyone want to go get some coffee? 

A GREAT Customer Service Story

The problem with a story about "great" customer service is that it is usually really about someone with really good core values.  They act like we (think we) act.  They treat us like we want to be treated.  You know, like humans.

The biggest challenge with the word "Customer Service" is that it is usually preceded by the word "bad." 

But this is cool anyway.  Here is a video about really good customer service and what that can mean to someone.  It also shows you how a little thing can make a big difference.  Need another cliche?  :)

Mainly it shows that all of us (really...all of us) can do this for our customers.  Ready?  Go! 

Ron Burgandy and Dodge Durango...The Legend Continues

Do you know what is better than having an ad campaign that really creates a great response.  An ad campaign that is so "massive" that it creates a buzz before it even gets on the air!

Will Ferrell as Ron Burgandy is doing just that in his new commercials for the Dodge Durango!

What I like about this campaign (other than they make me laugh) is that they have an entire portion of the campaign built for the web too!

Check out just a taste of this "massive" campaign here!

What do YOU think?

Focusing on the Customer's Needs

Jeff Haden consistently puts out thought provoking and well-written articles for business.  In this article he points out a problem that many business owners and employees have a challenge to fix.  It's what I call, the art of saying no.

No customer wants to hear "no."  They also don't want to hear a long explanation of why you can't or didn't do what they wanted.  They want solutions...even if it isn't the one they thought they needed.

Here Jeff explains from a situation that happened to him how to do this easily and effectively.

Monday, October 7, 2013

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Selling To Me on Social Media...a case study

When I meet with clients who are just now considering a move into the Social Media world, I tell them it's a "long-term" play.  The way Social Media is done well, I tell them, is to create relevance, build a relationship, and engage.  Then, after a relationship is have a real opportunity to grow your business through these contacts. 

Sometimes I think it's hard for businesses to think that far ahead.  I think that feels like "hope" as a strategy.  So I thought I would share a quick story about how I was "sold" through Social Media.  So here goes...

I came across the name Gary Vaynerchuk as I was promoting my first book and his was coming out about the same time.  His book Crush It became a giant best-seller and I was really intrigued by his "out of the box" thinking and enthusiasm.  I will tell you...I did not buy that book.

I did, however, start to pay attention to articles, posts, videos and mentions of Gary and was more and more interested in what he had to say.  I subscribed to his Youtube channel so I could see when he came out with a new video (to see if he had something to say that spoke to me).  I followed him on Twitter.  Silently...I became a fan.

Then several years later I came across his next book "The Thank You Economy" in a bookstore.  I bought it.  (Great book if you are interested WHY Social Media works). 

Since then I have really started to engage with Gary's brand.  He has a new book coming out called "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook" and I will get that as soon as it comes out.

He turned me from completely unaware, to aware, to interested, to a customer to an evangalist...all on Social Media!  It was a long term play.  But how many evangalists could your brand use?

What will you do to get them?

Would You Dress As A Pig For $50,000?

Maybe this sounds like a silly question, but it's a real one that Shark Tanks Barbara Corcoran posed to a business owner on the show.  Barbara, a real estate mogul and national celebrity spends some time in this article talking about the power of a gimmick in business.

Though I think "Gimmick" has a little bit of a negative connotation, I understand what she is saying.  It's about having a hook.  It's your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  It's the thing that makes someone remember you through the clutter and the noise.

So two questions...

Do you think a business needs a Gimmick?

Would  you dress up as a pig for $50,000?

I would.  :)

Things Great Communicators Do

As the leader of a small company, communication is something I try to focus on every day.  It's interesting...most of us think we are good at communicating.  But many employees will tell you that communication is where leaders lack skills.

So regardless of whether you think you are the king of communication, or if you know you need work, this article is a good reminder of what we need to be doing to be effective.

Give these tactics some consideration today if you want your ideas and agendas to be taken to the next level.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Not a Reason...a Reminder

Last Friday we posted on our Facebook page that it was Pay It Forward Friday.  Never a bad idea.  And let's face it, we should not need a reason to do a nice thing for our fellow man.  But here is a reminder.  Cool video. 

Why Loyalty Programs Don't Create Loyalty

Great article here about why most "loyalty" programs simply don't create any real brand loyalty.  But what I like most is that it gives suggestions on how to do better.

How are you doing with this in your business?  We can do better.

Why Small Businesses Struggle with Social Media

When it comes to Social Media, very few say it better than Gary Vaynerchuk.  But here he outlines the challenges that small businesses have with getting returns in this marketing arena.  The fact is, it's a long term play.  You have to be willing to put in the time and think long term.  That simply isn't easy for most small businesses.

That is why, as Hasseman Marketing is being VERY careful about who we work with on Social Media.  It's going to be a bit of an exclusive club.  Those small business owners that think you can get into Social Media for the short term won't be a good fit for us (or for social media for that matter).

But even though it's a long-term investment of time, the results can be fantastic.  Customers now get a better sense of the "why" of your company.  And when customers really "get" you, they are more likely to become loyal customers...and then evangelists.

So think long-term when you are thinking of Social Media for your company.  And if you want help, feel free to contact us...we might have an opinion!  :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Weaknesses Can Be a Strength

Have you ever heard someone say that a person succeeded because "they didn't know any better?"  I think there is really some power to that.  If you allow them, there is a percentage of people out there that will tell you every reason they can think of that something (you want to do) won't work.  As a rule, these folks have not accomplished anything themselves, mind you.  But these "no people" are great at taking the winds out of others' sails.

So there are two ways around that.  You can either be to bull-headed and stubborn (and passionate, and enthusiastic and determined) to listen to them, or you can be totally ignorant of them.

Mind you, I think it's tough to avoid the voices of the critics sometimes.  But I think a healthy dose of "negativity ignorance" will serve you well. 

Here Gary Vaynerchuk talks about his Dumb Questions and Ignorance have helped him succeed.

 I love this line here "If you know what the rules are, you feel obligated to operated within them." 

This is no argument for not putting in the time to understand your craft.  That's an important distinction.  But freeing yourself from the box of "what can't be done" can be a real big first step to success. 

4 Tips on Spicing up Your Subject Lines

This topic might be a bit out of fashion (not as shiny as new stuff) but I still contend the subject line is the 2nd biggest reason an email is opened (with number 1 being who the email is from). 

So I think this article has some interesting points about making your subject lines work for you!

Making the Case for Daydreaming

As a rule, Daydreaming gets a bad rap.  We tend to think of those that Day Dream as lazy or unfocused.  But have we been led astray?  Here is an article from the Huffington Post that says...maybe so.

It's interesting.  If we call it DayDreaming then it has a negative connotation, but studies show that Meditation is the new "go to" for leaders.  So maybe it's semantics.  Either way, I like the idea of clearing my mind and creating a focus on where I want me (or my business) to be.

So tell you Daydream?

The Merchants of Average

I have often said that the things that made me struggle in school are the things that make me do well as an entrepreneur.  In school, it is not efficient to have students that that don't want to sit in straight lines, question everything and cause a bit of a ruckus.  As a small business I think those skills are imperative.

 Here is a quick blog from Seth Godin reminding us that standing out can be a good thing.

By they way, this is not a shot at education.  Just pointing out that a plus in one environment can be a negative in another.  Make sure you find your sweet spot!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

One Game Playoff in Baseball...Sense of Urgency

I am a big sports fan.  But I typically don't follow baseball.  I love the game in person, but struggle to follow any games on TV.  Recently Major League Baseball had a one game wild card game for several teams and some purists were complaining. 

Here is why I think this one game playoff was a good thing!  It created a sense of urgency. 

I think the lesson is that we need to create a sense of excitement and urgency in our business too!  What are you doing to break through the clutter out there?  Make sure to create content that makes people stop and tune in! 

Why Promotional Products Work

In the interest of full disclosure, Hasseman Marketing is a promotional products distributor.  We provide promotional solutions. 

The promotional products industry has been around for a LONG time.  The first promotional product was actually printed in Coshocton Ohio (where we are located) and the industry has matured quite a bit since then.  As of now, promotional products is a huge player in the advertising industry.  Despite the fact that there are newer "shinier" ways to advertise, promotional products continues to be one of the most cost effective ways to affect behavior.

But don't take it from us.  Here is a presentation from PPAI CEO Paul Bellantone where he lays out the facts.  

The fact is if you are thinking of affecting the behavior of your customers, prospects, or employees (or anyone!) promotional products are an incredibly effective way to do it! 

The War To Win Context

If you are paying ANY attention right now, you probably already understand that content marketing is all around us.  And with the advent of the social media revolution, we each have an opportunity we have not had in the past.  We have the ability to create content for very little money.  Now the key is to create GOOD content, and interesting content and valuable content.  That is one thing we are trying to do here at Hasseman Marketing with this new blog.

Here Gary Vaynerchuk and his brother AJ talk about how context is really important when it comes to business.

This message is powerful to me now as we try to ad more and more value to you...our customers and audience. 

Marketing Automation Explained...

Some of you have likely heard the term Marketing Automation.  But what does that mean?  What can it do to help my business or yours?  Here is a quick graphic blog from Entrepreneur that explains it quickly.  

What do you think?   Are you using Automation?

Now Is the Time To Plan Ahead

All of us want to always say "yes" to our customers.  But it's also important to help you plan ahead when things are moving slower in here we go.  The production time (as we have recently found out) on apparel decoration is slower than normal.  We want to let you know so you can plan your year end gifts and uniform.  Check out this video blog with more. 

Felicia Day's 5 Tips on Making Viral Video Content

Since we are a video production company, we have people ask us regularly to make a "viral video."  That would be great.  But as anyone who has tried to do this can tell you, it's easier to say than do.  You can't always predict what will go "viral."  What you can do is create great content and do your best to promote it.

That being said, it is always great to hear from those that have had success.  And when they give tips about how to make great video content...we listen.  So check out this article on creating great video content here.  

Most Unusual Date Night (and Business Idea) Ever

Jeff Haden is a great writer and often provides great perspective on leadership and growth.  Today he highlights a unique business that combines two things you usually don't hear together (in a good way) "Date" and "gun."  Read more about it here!  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Breaking Through the Noise

One of my favorite voices of current marketing is Gary Vaynerchuk.  He is a fresh voice that (I think) does a really great job of explaining why Social Media is not a fad.  It's the way business works from now...and into the future. 

The challenge for all of us in business (whether we are "in marketing" or just wanting to grow our business) is breaking through the clutter.  There is just SO much noise out there.  The good news is that its become easy for us to create content.  The bad news is there is a lot of content out there that is not worth our time and attention.

Here is a short video (less than a minute) where Gary talks about how to Break Through

I really like this.  It certainly jives with what I want our company to be like.  But it also tells me that our "new economy" will make it easier for companies to be rewarded for acting this way!

What the Heck is Marketing Joy?

"What the Heck is Marketing Joy?"  You might be asking yourself this very question.  It certainly means something different for each of our customers, but we wanted to share what it means to us here at Hasseman Marketing.  So we shot this video!  Take a look!

Mark Cuban Makes Shark Tank Change Its Contract

Up until recently Shark Tank required contestants of the show to give up 5% equity in order to be on.  Read how Mark Cuban made the producers change that clause.

New and Improved Marketing Blog

At Hasseman Marketing, we are constantly working to be a thought leader in our industry.  We want to provide you content that is relevant and interesting to marketing, advertising, selling or simply growing your business.  With that goal in mind, this blog will become a daily source for information, news and opinions on the marketing and branding world.

Please check back in regularly...and let's go sell something!