Friday, February 26, 2010

Great Success Email

There is nothing better than getting feedback from a client on something you recommended, that has had a big impact on their organization. This week I got just such an email from Amy! We helped Amy create a custom calendar to "tell the story" of her organization all year long. As you can see, it hit the mark!

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how pleased we are with our annual calendar results. As a non-profit, we try very hard to spend our marketing budget wisely and our calendars are proving to be a very wise investment. Over the course of the last several weeks, we have been in contact with a large number of our donors and I would say one out of three have brought up the calendars to me when talking with them and how much they enjoy them throughout the year. The RIO on them is very high when I can make sure our non-profit is in front of them each and every month for a one time investment. Thanks for your awesome suggestion!"

Contact us (740) 622-7429 if you want to discuss ideas that will bring you great results!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Positive Monday Thought

In the latest Dan Brown book "The Lost Symbol" the topic of Noetic Science is at the forefront. Many who study Noetic Science (or the science of the mind) tell us that our thoughts have more power than most of us believe or understand. Our thoughts, they tell us, create the reality of our world. It's a powerful, well, thought!

What experts tell us is our own negative thinking plays a powerful role in lives. If we constantly tell ourselves we can't do something, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. But the exciting thing is the opposite is also true! If we create a more positive voice inside our head, more positive things will appear in our life! It's true! If we continually tell ourselves that we are (in the present state) "successful," our brain will work 24/7 to make it so.

So this Monday morning (I love Mondays!), let's work to create a more positive environment in our own minds. It will have a lasting positive impact in our lives!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Business Video Offer

If you are a small business owner (or knows one) that is struggling to keep up with their marketing efforts, I am very excited about this offer for you. I have recently launched the Think Big Marketing For Small Business Video Business Kit. This kit contains a ton of great marketing information that can help any small business increase their marketing effort...and increase their bottom line.

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Retail Sales Up a Bit

Not sure we should schedule the parade just yet, but this is some good news to ponder.

A new report released by the U.S. Commerce Department shows retail sales rose 0.5% in January, a moderate jump resulting from increasing demand for luxury goods, like electronics. Excluding purchases of cars, gas and building materials, the increases were significantly greater, with sales at general merchandise stores up 1.5%, the biggest gain since February of 2009. Economists believe the improvement was strengthened considerably by positive job trends, most notably a drop in the U.S. unemployment rate to 9.7%. The average workweek and weekly earnings of Americans also rose, according to government data.

Meanwhile, a separate survey of small-business owners showed a mix of hope and hesitation in January. An optimism index calculated by the National Federation of Independent Businesses rose 1.3 points last month to 89.3, a decided improvement compared to a year ago. However, survey respondents also admitted they are still having trouble securing credit and are hiring at a much slower pace then larger companies. While data shows 9% of small business owners increased staff in January, nearly 20% cut employees.

Adding to the complicated economic climate, the latest consumer-confidence numbers fell dramatically short of expectations, dipping unexpectedly. The initial February reporting of the Reuters/University of Michigan consumer sentiment index dropped to 73.7, slipping from a previous two-year high. An index of around 90 usually signals consistent economic growth.

Snowy Weather Impacts Businesses

If your business has seemed slow in February, don't despair! You are not alone. Check out this article from Counselor.

A record-breaking winter of snow and ice continues to sporadically disrupt industry companies across the country, creating a range of hassles for businesses as far south as the Florida Panhandle. "We already broke the seasonal record with 55 inches of snow here," says Leah Cochran, project manager at Red Star Merchandise (asi/305668) in Charlottesville, VA. Cochran's company works closely with the Dave Matthews Band and provides merchandise for, a Web store. "It's been a little rough with shipping and getting stuff delivered from carriers," Cochran says. "And now we're getting ready for more snow."

According to the National Weather Service, almost 70% of the nation was snow-covered as of Friday, with 49 states blanketed with at least a coating of flakes. Several Mid-Atlantic cities have already endured three major snowstorms this winter. "We've really been hammered and we're just not used to this much snow," says Brenda Crowley, owner of You Name It (asi/365120) in Middletown, DE. "We had a great January for sales, but February has been different. And it's harder to network because so many events have been postponed. So I'm going to ASI San Diego."

While the East Coast has been frequently targeted by crippling storms this winter, nearly unprecedented snowfall has also walloped parts of the Bible Belt. In Dallas last week, 12.5 inches of snow fell, breaking a one-day record that was set in 1962. The average yearly snowfall in Dallas is two inches. "We had warning so we were able to move forward on production and gear up," says Carol Gauger, vice president of sales and marketing at Senator USA (asi/86390). "In Dallas, there are no plows and no salt. They just spread sand. But I didn't hear of any mishaps and all our people were safe."

While the weather is improving this week in the South, forecasters are predicting a foot of snow for areas of New England today and tomorrow. The same storm just dumped up to 10 inches of snow in parts of the Ohio Valley.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Survey Shows Where to Look For Growth

IBISWorld, a market research analysis firm, recently released a report that lists the industries expected to perform the worst and best in the next 10 years. The survey offers plenty of insight for small business leaders looking to explore new markets. “Technology and innovation continue to influence the list fairly significantly,” says George Van Horn, senior analyst for IBISWorld. He points out that voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) providers (like Skype or cable companies offering the technology) topped the list, along with eCommerce in the fourth spot and search engines in the eighth. At the same time, the worst performer is predicted to be soon-to-be antiquated wired telecommunications carriers, while brick-and-mortar DVD and video rental providers take the fourth spot, as online providers broaden their market share.

Distributors in the ad specialty market agree that the tech and online-focused industries are where they’re seeing potential. John Festa, senior sales consultant for Geiger (asi/202900), says that online shopping and high tech areas in general are showing signs of strong growth. “Selling on the Internet is growing – and Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and those kinds of things are expanding. Buyers today are younger.” Juan Carlos Lopez, president of Nema Associates (asi/282191), says that, “the companies who are virtually savvy and know how to present their ideas and concepts that way are where things are going,” and as he looks for new clients, this continues to be a key area. “The consumer is becoming very fluid – they aren’t captive like they used to be,” he says.

Van Horne points out that when an industry starts to have serious problems, it’s generally because it’s being eclipsed by a different industry fulfilling consumer needs in a whole new way, or else foreign competition is taking its toll. It’s the latter that explains why manufacturing industries dominate the worst performing list, with tank armored vehicle manufacturers at number two; vacuum, fan and small household appliance manufacturers at number three; and other manufacturing industries taking four other spots in the top 10 worst-performing markets over the next decade. “All manufacturers are aching in these times,” says Lopez, who has seen his manufacturing clients cutting down on spending.

An additional category poised for growth from Van Horne’s perspective is all things green, particularly environmental consultancy, which holds the fifth spot on the best for the decade list. “A lot of the social trends and demographic issues that were influencing business before the recession have done relatively well during the recession.”