Monday, May 19, 2014

Answering Questions about Promo

At Hasseman Marketing, we want to be your resource for Promotional Products...of course.  But we also want to help you become a better, more efficient and smarter buyer of promo.  We want you to better understand the "in's and out's" of our industry.  We think that will allow you to create better promotions that have better results. 

So with that in mind, please give us your questions.  What questions do you have about purchasing promotional products?  We will do our best to answer them!  Let us know!  In order to start us off, we will address questions that we get sometimes.

Here we go:

I ordered 250 mugs at $1 per mug.  How come my order came to $350?

Great question!  No one likes surprises on an invoice.  For those that are new to purchasing promotional products, there are some "additional" charges that you should be aware of with many (but not all) products.  You will want to be aware of these charges and know to ask about them before the purchase so there are no surprises!

Setup Charges:  Often this is fee in addition to the "per piece" price of an item.  This is the charge that it costs to set the run up.  This can run anywhere from $20 to $145 just depending on the item.  There is not always a setup fee, but most of the time there is.  So be sure and understand that!

Shipping:  In addition, you need to get the items to you.  Most of the time your distributor is not printing all of these items in house.  There is no way they could.  There are nearly 1 Million promotional products, so it's tough to stock all of them!  So that being said, there will be freight to get the items to your place of business.  As you know, there are tons of factors on shipping (enough for another blog actually), but just make sure you consider this cost when making your budget. 

Tax:  Yep...we will have to pay Uncle Sam. 

Running charges:  Sometimes additional colors in your logo will incur additional charges.  Hopefully, your promotional partner shares these up front.  But if not, they can really change the cost of your order!

Okay...these are just a few!  Hopefully this helps you understand the cost of your order...and some questions to ask on your next purchase!