Sunday, February 22, 2015

Last Week at HMC 2/15 - 2/21

Here is all of the content from this week in one place...just for you!

What is Reasonable?  If you want to start your own organization or excel in sales, you need to STOP asking yourself what is reasonable.  You need to just put in the work.   Here's why!

We also celebrated Christine Hasseman's Birthday!  Happy Birthday!

Our Hustle Is For YOU:  When people approach us and ask us why we have been on the road so much, we tell them, "Our Hustle is for you!"  Want to know what we mean?  Check out this video.  

Do You Set SMART Goals?  Kirby spends a little time explaining why he doesn't like the concept of SMART goals.  Check that out here.  

Weekly Word:  This week we talk about how each of us is a Media company.  Are you acting like it?  Check out that video here.  

Delivering Marketing Joy:  And PLEASE check this one out if you have a business.  On this week's show we talk to author Mike Michalowicz about his book Profit First.  If you haven't read it, you NEED to watch this one.  We hope you enjoy!

Just One More: want just one more?  We agree!  Check out this post from WAY late in the week.  If you want to be successful, take on the mantra of "Just one more!"

Another great week...we will keep it coming!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Delivering Marketing Joy Show

Several months ago, we decided to start a new web show.  The show, called Delivering Marketing Joy, combines our love of business, promotion and learning.   The goal was to create some great information and great content. 

We have been so pleased with the results so far!  We have had the opportunity to interview some great business leaders from several different industries.  We have even interviewed best-selling authors, like Jeff Haden.   (More great authors coming soon!).

If you have never seen the show, here is latest episode.  But if you want to start from the beginning, here is the playlist!

Hopefully this will inspire you to learn and grow.  Please let us know what you think...and if you have any great leaders you think we should interview!

Enjoy!  #marketingjoy

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Last Week at HMC 2/8 - 2/14

Well last week felt like a was it?  Let's take a look at the week that was at HMC!

5 Lessons from Garth:  The week started off with the posting of one of our most read blogs.  Kirby attended a Garth Brooks concert recently.  Did he have fun?  Very much!  But he also walked away with 5 lessons from the greatest entertainer of our generation. 

The Weekly Word:  By it's very name you know this video piece comes out every week.  But this week we got more interaction than normal...and we love that!  This week the word was "Look," as in Look the part.  Are you making sure you have the right look and tone when you call on clients?  Check out this Weekly Word and keep the feedback coming!

Supplier Visits:  We take a great deal of pride in keeping up with the latest trends and products in our industry.  One way we do this is through supplier visits!  Wednesday we had a full day of suppliers that came to show us what was hot and new!

We started the day off with Kari Caruso from S & S who showed us the latest in apparel.  Next we welcomed Sarah from Gold Bond.  Finally we had Andrea from Flying Colors and Brian from Starline into the office.  It was a long day but we got a lot out of the visits.  So thanks to these awesome folks!  Now feel free to set up and appointment so we can show you what we learned!

Un-Break Relationships:  Ever had a relationship that went sideways?  Of course...we all have.  Here are two quick ways to improve that bond today.

Be Un-Reasonable:  So many times we consider opportunities through the lens of whether or not it is "reasonable."  If you do that, you will likely miss a lot of great opportunities.  Want to be more successful?  Be more unreasonable.

Delivering Marketing Joy:  Finally, don't forget about your weekly dose of #MarketingJoy!  On this week's episode (number 18!) we talk to Tee Hamilton about creativity and how to open your eyes to more!  Tee is please make sure you check that out! 

Oh...and please feel free to subscribe to Kirby's YouTube we are constantly putting more and more content there.  You don't want to miss it!

Well that's why it felt like a blur this week.  We will keep it keep tuning in!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Last Week at HMC 2/1 - 2/7

Talk about a productive week despite heavy snow and ice! Unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter. However, that didn’t slow us down here, check out what happened last week at Hasseman Marketing.

We started the week off with a bang and asked our social media outlets their opinion on Super Bowl 49, and most importantly what was your favorite commercial? Click here to see Kirby’s favorite Super Bowl commercial

Have you ever been in a situation where someone was doing what "they have to do?"  It can be frustrating when they are not doing all they CAN do to help.  Read more here.    

But sometimes you are just not feeling it!  You wake up in a funk and are not sure how to fight off the blues.  Here are 4 ways to improve your mood...and your week.  

Tuesday, we focused on Predictions and related them to the weather. We try not to focus or pay a lot of attention to predictions; we just hunker down and put in work.

HUMP DAY!! Kirby had a great chance while he was in Las Vegas to talk with good friend, Bill Petrie, owner of Brandivate about what the company is, their ideal client and, what the biggest challenge distributors face.

Having Fun yet, well we sure were! We talked about how everyone can have fun at work even if you’re not the boss! The weekly word last week was FUN!

Delivering Marketing Joy- Episode 17, Kirby sat down and had a conversation with, Mark Graham, about how to work with our spouse’s and how to run multiple businesses.

Talk about a full plate, we will let you digest that while we move onto to next week!