Friday, November 29, 2013

3 Tips For Your Marketing Budget

There are two reasons that many businesses find this time of year crazy.  

The first, and most obvious, is the holiday shopping rush that is truly in full swing.  Whether you are a retail business or not, you know this time of year can really add excitement and stress to the atmosphere.  

The second reason your business might be busy right now is that budgeting is being done as well.  Many businesses and organizations are knee deep in getting the 2014 budget together.  It can be a stressful and overwhelming project...and you want to get it right.  So we want to give you some tips on making sure your marketing budget is in line with the market place.  

1)  Social Media: should be playing in the Social Media field.  As we move into 2014, you really need to realize that whether you like it or not, having a real and thought out social media presence is crucial.  This does NOT just mean posting a few pictures to Facebook and calling it a day.  You need to have a thought out strategy and budget for it.  

2)  Reconsider Budget Numbers:  Just because you have allocated certain numbers to certain media doesn't mean you should "copy and paste" those this year.  The world is changing extremely fast and you need to consider that when you allocate funds for the coming year.  Don't throw money into an abandoned media just because you always have.  Look at moving those dollars where they can be most effectively used.

3)  Don't Sleep On Promo:  That's right.  The interesting thing about measuring marketing ROI is that one of the oldest advertising media is still one of the most effective.  Don't take our word for it.  Studies show that advertiser recall (and isn't that one of the real goals here?) of those that receive a promotional product is 89%!  Nearly 9 in 10 people who receive a promotional product remember that advertiser.  Say that out loud.  Now ask yourself what your recall is on other forms of advertising. 

Creating that marketing budget is a huge process.  It's about forecasting the future...and that is always tough.  But with a little forethought, you can get ready to make 2014 the best year yet!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks To You

In my experience this might be almost over said today (on Social Media), but almost never any other day.  Thank you!

Thank you to all the friends and family that help to make Hasseman Marketing go.

We sincerely appreciate you.

And during this time of Thanksgiving, we want to be extra sure that we do our best to make sure you know it!

So thank you!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Give Yourself Permission To Dream

I often find this little time right before Thanksgiving a little bit of "calm before the holiday storm."  I try to use this time as a little time of reflection and it inevitably brings me to the topic of goals for the coming year.  I take goals very seriously, and think they are a great indicator of future success.  

It’s time to work out those dream muscles folks! Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten how to dream. We have been told repeatedly by well-meaning loved ones that we should “be realistic” or “sensible.” These are loved ones who simply don’t want to see us be disappointed or hurt. But they are wrong.

No great thing came into the world without a big dream. No great thing can come without a little bit of risk of disappointment. But giving yourself permission to dream is the only way to truly drive the subconscious toward what you want. 

I am a big believer in the power of the subconscious. This is the personal computer inside each of us that works (without our knowledge) 24 hours a day. And it’s important to note that the subconscious mind does not know what is real or not real. So…it’s vitally important that you are “feeding” this part of your brain with “good thoughts.” 

I was out golfing with some family recently. One of the better golfers of the group continued to sabotage himself throughout the round. He was get over the ball and say “Okay…don’t hook this.” So of course he would hook his shot. Then he would say, “Don’t leave this putt short.” So he would leave it short. After about 9 holes of this I pointed out to him that he should stop saying the thing he didn’t want to happen right before he hit. He dismissed me out of hand. And quite honestly that is a normal reaction I get. But do you think it’s any coincidence that the last thing he told his brain is what he did? 

That is why it is so important to DREAM again! Start feeding your subconscious mind these things that you DO want before you go to bed and when you wake up! 
As I have also said before…write these goals down! This is such an important step! So few people actually take this into action. That is why so few people are living the life they desire! 

Finally, when you are “feeding” these into your mind, make sure you do so in the present tense. “I am a magnet for money.” This tells the mind that it is already the case…and you will start living your life accordingly!

So now is the time. Give yourself permission to dream today! Close your eyes and imagine what the life of your dreams would look like? What do you see? What do you hear? Smell? Use all of the senses to create this perfect life in your mind. 

Now get ready to go out and get it!

If you like what you read here, you might want to download the ebook (to the right here) Give Your Way To Success.  It's filled with information just like this!  And it's free!

Resting Face

Seth Godin describes here that we have a "default setting" to our face when we are not trying to show anything.  And often that face is actually quite grumpy looking.  He extrapolates here that your business likely has a similar face when no one is looking.

What does yours look like?

What can you do today to change that for the better?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10 Ways NOT To Describe Yourself

I love the idea of being more authentic.  I think that is a constant balance.  Because let's face it, you are not the same person with your customers as you are with your friends.  You are different with your aunts and uncles than you are with strangers.  This doesn't mean you are not authentic.  It means you are careful about your perception in relationship to your audience.

But are you being overly grandiose in describing yourself or your company online?  

That article made me smile.  And it's going to make me go and check my LinkedIn profile!  :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Books We Should Read

I am not sure if I should find it ironic or just telling that one of my favorite writers (Jeff Haden) wrote this list of books that I should be reading in 2013.  I am proud to say that I read a lot, but excited to point out that I haven't read any of these.  I have a new list!

Let me know if there are any other books that Jeff missed!

Let me add one to the list.  For those of us that want to continue to grow in our Social Media presence, I recommend Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk.  I have it on the way and I can't wait to read it!

Give Yourself Permission To Be Happy

At church yesterday, the message discussed the idea that most people hate their job.  And when I say most, I really do mean most.  The study suggested that 8 out of 10 people "hate" their job.  That is amazing to me.  As the pastor discussed, if 8 out of 10 people in the United States had the flu, it would be an epidemic.  But we just continue to roll along each week as if this is the penance we have to pay to have a weekend.

And let's face it, this is not just something I heard in the church sermon.  If you pay attention to Facebook at all, you know it's true.  I have discussed here before that there is a percentage of people that post "I hate Mondays" every week.  

I found one of the solutions that was suggested equally interesting.  He suggested that in order to enjoy your work more, you should do "whatever you do" like you you are doing it the best you can for the Lord.  This struck me because it was saying that if we want to be happier at work, we need to, in essence, change our attitude. 

I think in some ways it really is about deciding that you are in charge of your happiness.  Here Seth Godin reminds us that we often defer to "authorities" when we really don't need too. 

So let's take control of our happiness today.  Give yourself permission to be happy.  And if you really "hate' your job that much, make a different choice.  Choose to leave that job.  Choose to do something different.  Or...just Choose to be more happy.

Good luck!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hasseman Marketing is GOING Social!

(Coshocton, OH) – Promotional products distributor and video production company Hasseman Marketing is adding Social Media Management and Consultation to its array of services. 
“Clients have seen how we use Social Media to build relationships and brand awareness,” says Hasseman Marketing owner Kirby Hasseman.  “They have been asking us to do the same for them.  Now we are ready!”
Hasseman Marketing currently offers three different packages of Social Media services designed to work within the client’s needs and budget.  But Hasseman warns that Social Media is a different kind of branding effort.
“Most advertising and marketing is a “push” strategy,” says Hasseman.  “You spend money and time to push your message out to customers.  Social media is different.  You need to spend time to engage and build trust with potential customers in these platforms.  You have to provide value first…then look for business.  That’s a tough transition for most businesses.”
Hasseman Marketing has already begun working with a few clients in Coshocton County in order to ensure success and the results have been very good, according to Hasseman. 
Hasseman Marketing has been located in Coshocton County since its incorporation in 2004.  Collectively, the Hasseman Marketing staff has well over 60 years of experience in the marketing industry.  Since 2004, Hasseman Marketing has had a strong foundation in and around Ohio.
Hasseman Marketing & Communications believes in “Delivering Marketing Joy” and specializes in promotional products, video production and social media.  Established in 2004, Hasseman Marketing has been helping clients large and small increase their overall sales and profitability through targeted marketing efforts. 
For more information on Hasseman Marketing, you can visit them online at or you can find them on Facebook at!/hassemanmarketing.

Showing Faces...Being Human

One of the most overlooked strategies in small business marketing today is "humanizing."  With technology expanding as fast as it is, we have a great opportunity to create a great deal of content (i.e. messages) to communicate to our customers.  But we need to make sure we are doing so in a way that "humanizes" our brand.

We want our customers (and potential customers) to feel a kinship with our company and our brand.  One easy way to do this is to show the "faces" of your company.  See this video here.

Humans are naturally drawn to other humans.  So when your advertising has faces as a part of it, the ad (or message) will gain more eyeballs.  More eyeballs=more impact.

So whether your are creating a video, social media post, or custom calendar.  Consider showing the "faces" of your company for more impact!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


(Coshocton, OH) – Promotional products distributor Hasseman Marketing is excited to announce that Nikki Darling has joined the internal team as a customer service representative.  Darling will be concentrated on helping the Account Executives at Hasseman Marketing coordinate customer orders.
“We are so excited to have Nikki join the team,” says owner Kirby Hasseman.  “She has a fantastic attitude and tons of experience in the promotional product industry.  She is going to be a great fit!”
Nikki Darling is a 1997 graduate of Galion Senior High School and has over 6 years of experience in the promotional products industry.   Nikki is married to Dennis and has three children Izek, Lydia and Sophia.
Hasseman Marketing has been located in Coshocton County since its incorporation in 2004.  Collectively, the Hasseman Marketing staff has well over 60 years of experience in the promotional products industry.  Since 2004, Hasseman Marketing has had a strong foundation in and around Ohio.  With the creation of  (their new e-commerce website), Hasseman Marketing hopes to continue to grow and expand its reach outside of the state. 
Hasseman Marketing & Communications believes in “Delivering Marketing Joy” and specializes in promotional products and video production.  Established in 2004, Hasseman Marketing has been helping clients large and small increase their overall sales and profitability through targeted marketing efforts.  For more information on Hasseman Marketing, you can visit them online at or you can find them on Facebook at!/hassemanmarketing.

Does Everything Need To Be Groundbreaking?

Gary Vaynerchuk is coming out with a new book very soon called "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Cross."  Gary is one of my favorite thought leaders.  He speaks out passionately about Social Media, the digital business world and how to do business in today's (and tomorrow's) economy.  I like his style and his philosophy.

Recently he was featured in the New York Times and one of the "knocks" on him was that though he is constantly pushing out content, some of it is not "groundbreaking."  That comment struck me.

Does every piece of content you put out have to "groundbreaking?"  That seems like a daunting task...and a reason that many people just decide not to put out content at all.  This notion is silly.

Put out content that strikes you.  Put it out in your voice.  Be authentic.  I read (and hear, and see) content every day that is not "groundbreaking."  But it still speaks to me.  Sometimes we just need to hear the same advice from a different a different time in our life.  Then it will resonate and make a difference in our lives.

I would never have read Emerson if it had not been for Wayne Dyer.  Dyer pointed out the teachings of I went back and read them.  The new voice provided me insight so I could learn from an older one.

So don't feel like every piece of content has to be "groundbreaking."  Hopefully it will be good.  Hopefully it will resonate.

But first step...just make it happen!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Power of Wrong


As business owners, we get paid to make predictions, don't we?  We have to predict the market.  We have to predict what marketing will work.  We need to hire someone we predict will be successful.  We predict all the time.

But we do it as individuals as well.  We predict behaviors for our children and children's friends.  We predict our favorite team's outcomes.

But what happens when you are wrong?  I think we need to embrace it.

So many times we work hard to prove we were right.  We are hard-headed.  We miss the point.  We can learn SO much from being wrong.

The fact is, we can learn from each time we were next time...we can be right!

3 Tips to Curb Negativity

I am a positive person.  And hopefully, for the most part, we have a positive work environment.  But regardless of your attitude, place or work or family situation, you will encounter negativity.  And if you don't believe in the Law Of Attraction, watch a person come into a room with a venomous attitude and you will see it get reflected in a hurry!

Sometimes I deal with it better than others.

As a father of two (essentially) teenage daughters, I know there will be times that they will have that "negativity bug."  I am pretty sure I had it at 15 quite regularly!  Unfortunately, sometimes I act as the "mirror."  So when I get negativity, I reflect that emotion back and we have an unending (and non-productive) cycle. 

And that gets us nowhere.

So here are my (recently inspired) Tips For Curbing Negativity. 

1)  Take a Breath:  As I mentioned, so many times when someone comes at us with a hurricane of negativity, we blast back.  Stephen Covey taught us that there is a space between an action and a reaction that only we own.  Take a breath and consider.  Just a small hesitation can sometimes help to diffuse the situation.  It also gives us a moment to be more thoughtful in our response.

2)  Consider the Source:  Is this a person who normally is positive?  Or are they one of those people that always are like this?  Some people need to blow off steam and then they are fine.  Consider them as individuals...and it might help to plot your next move.

3)  Try To Figure Out The Root:  A fight with a spouse can sometimes lead to a blow up on someone else entirely.  Maybe this person is just stressed out about something else.  Figuring out what is REALLY wrong can sometimes be a great guide on how to deal with them.

4)  Don't be Afraid To Walk Away...For the Moment:  This is not about "walking away" for good and letting someone walk all over you.  Quite the contrary.  I do believe that people treat you how you train them to treat you.  But if you want to have control over your own response (and therefore have an intelligent one) you might need to walk away for the moment.  This is like an extended Take a Breath.

By breaking the Cycle of Negativity we can create a more productive environment...whether its your work place or your home (with teenage daughters). 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Best Sales Technique...Be Yourself

As with nearly every sales organization, we are always looking for better ways to sell more.  And from being in sales for a while now, I have read many books, listened to tapes, gone to trainings, and worked to improve my "sales process."

The problem with some sales processes is, they leave out an important part...the human.

Check out this cool article from Jeff Haden that talks about his experience inside of the process.

To Jeff's point, I am still trying to find the perfect "sales process" for all of my sales team.  We do education, and exercises and discussions to grow.  But I have found that my best process involves hiring a really good, passionate person...and letting them be themselves.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Appreciating the Top 20%

I have said it before, you really do need to show appreciation for customers for doing business with you.  Why?  Because studies show that 69% of customers that leave you will do so because of "perceived indifference."  They will leave you because they don't think you care!

You don't want that to happen.

On the other hand, not all customers are created equal.  Most businesses have a group of customers that make up their top 20%.  These customers spend more.  They are more profitable.  Maybe they are even the ones that are easier to deal with!  You want to make sure and thank those customers!

Solution:  Create a simple program that "thanks" those customers once a quarter.  By limiting your group to the top 20% you can keep the budget manageable and still get them a "gift" that is nice.  Get something that has value (and your logo) and you have made that "gift" also advertise you long after you have said thank you.

This will help you ensure you don't lose your top customers to "perceived indifference" and will also often create more opportunities to do business with your top 20%!

Want more tips like this?  Check out this FREE report, 7 Proven Strategies For Growing Your Business.

Friday, November 15, 2013


(Coshocton, OH) – Promotional products distributor Hasseman Marketing is excited to announce that Julie Arnold has joined the team as an Account Executive.  Arnold will be focusing on helping clients in the Cleveland area grow their business.
“We are so excited to have Julie join the team,” says owner Kirby Hasseman.  “Her creativity and professionalism will be a great asset to our team…and to her clients.”
Julie Arnold graduated from Kent State University in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. After 5 years of agency experience in graphic design she opened her own business. Julie has had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients from local businesses to international companies. She has designed brochures, websites, annual reports, corporate identity packages, trade show materials, magazines, postcards, ads, event marketing materials and catalogs. Julie was honored by StoraEnso’s "What Teams Can Do" Design and Printing Excellence as a Finalist as well as winning an American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design: USA.  She has a keen to understanding of client needs for marketing to their audience whether that be through their website, print materials or promotional pieces.
Hasseman Marketing has been located in Coshocton County since its incorporation in 2004.  Collectively, the Hasseman Marketing staff has well over 60 years of experience in the promotional products industry.  Since 2004, Hasseman Marketing has had a strong foundation in and around Ohio.  With the creation of  (their new e-commerce website), Hasseman Marketing hopes to continue to grow and expand its reach outside of the state. 
Hasseman Marketing & Communications believes in “Delivering Marketing Joy” and specializes in promotional products and video production.  Established in 2004, Hasseman Marketing has been helping clients large and small increase their overall sales and profitability through targeted marketing efforts.  For more information on Hasseman Marketing, you can visit them online at or you can find them on Facebook at!/hassemanmarketing.

The Next Person Who Talks...Loses

In a meeting recently, I watched a person "ask questions" but then go on to tell the same person what their answer should be.  It was confusing and frustrating for everyone.  And I'm not sure we ever really got answers that were real.

The great fallacy of sales is that a person who talks a lot will be a great in sales.  Though the motor mouth will likely make sales (sometimes just so the buyer can make them go away) they will never be great.  The GREAT sales person spends more time listening to what the customer needs...then simply guiding them to that solution.

When I first got into sales that was really tough to implement.  I was nervous on each call.  I wanted to show the prospect that I was the expert so I know I filled way too much silence with the sound of my own voice.

My father gave me advice on sales that stuck with me (video here).  He said in a sales meeting, you say what you have to say (your presentation) and then you shut up.  The next person who talks loses.

It was really simple and gave me a model that reminded me when it was my turn to talk...and when it wasn't.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

5 Tips for Hiring a Social Media Marketer

If you are paying attention to business at all right now, you HOPEFULLY understand that you need to have some presence on Social Media in order to compete.  The challenge then, at least for small businesses is, how do I do it?  How do I find the time?

Obviously you can do it yourself.  But to do it right, you need to understand that you are going to need to invest a great deal of yourself in the process.  Trust me.

The next option is to either hire a new staff person or to hire an outside company to help you.  If you are considering either, here is a cool article from Entreprenuer with 5 Tips for Hiring a Social Media Marketer.

Like just about anything, the best time to start was 5 years ago.  The 2nd best time to start is now.  What will you do?

Marketing Joy Indeed

With a tagline of "Delivering Marketing Joy," you probably would not be surprised to know, we love stories about companies and (more importantly) individuals doing that something extra to make the customer experience special.  The fact is, most of these acts are really "little" things that make a "big" difference in the life of one customer. 

The great thing about this little act is that it humanizes the interaction.  It makes the customer feel like a person...a valued person. 

This article highlights some great examples of "Intelligent Acts of Kindness."  The best part is, they are not rocket science.  When you read them you can say "Awww..." and "Duh!"  all at the same time.  They are things that you can do.  They are things I can do.  And of course they are things we wish (and hope) someone will do for us. 

So be that light in someones day today when you don't have too.  You will become a little ray of sunshine...and a Deliverer of Marketing Joy. 


What is GREAT Leadership?

What is the key to leading people?  Do you feel like you know?  Do you think you have a little bit to learn?

If you want an article that got me thinking, here is a good one from Jeff Haden.  Take a look.

Now the question is, do you care about your foks?  Do you really care?  And do they know?

If the answer is can start to lead.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DON'T Show Me The Money!

Want better performance?  Want better employee loyalty?  Don't show employees the money!  Really!

People in my industry have long argued that cash incentives are not as effective as a tangible incentive (i.e. promotional product).  We argued (and correctly I believe) that cash incentives and rewards often end up getting spent on groceries, gas and other mundane items that don't provide lasting value to the team.  The tangible incentive is something that lasts for the employee (or sales member or customer or...) after the event as a reminder of the good deed...and the company that gave it to them.

All true.

But this article shows it from the employee perspective.  The fact is, when given the choice between cash and a hypothetical tangible item, the cash wins.  Employees will tell you that is what they would prefer most of the time.  There is the challenge of the promotional industries argument.  Companies would say "But my employees would just rather have cash." 

To quote Lee Corso, "Not so Fast!"

Here's the piece we sometimes miss.  When given the choice between cash and a specific tangible incentive, the employees will choose the item!  The basic psychology is they need to be able to visualize the incentive to make it real.  The best part is, they will work harder to get it as well.

So the lesson is this, if you want to create an incentive that will motivate behaviors, let them know exactly what they items or incentives will be.  That will give you the most bang for your promotional buck!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Real Feedback...Appreciated

There is more than one kind of skeptic when it comes to ideas about business, organizations and (as Seth Godin would say) art.  I would say there are lots of kinds.  Some of not that well-intentioned.  These are the folks that will tell you all the reasons why your idea won't work because they have never had an idea that worked...or had the moxy to actually try.

But that kind is obvious and easy to ignore.

The other two both believe they have your best interest at heart.  The first is afraid you will fail and doesn't want you too.  The other has experience in what you are doing...and might see something you don't see.

Here Seth Godin talks about both and which one to listen too.

Not only do I think you should listen to the "Generous Skeptic," I think you should seek them out.  Create a group of people you genuinely respect and ask them "why won't this work?"  Get another perspective.

As Godin says, you can choose to ignore this advice later if you want.  But get the input.  Most of the time, you will be glad you did!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Another cool website

One of the things we want to do with this blog is to provide a place where lots of great content is shared.  We want this to be a daily "check in" for you as you look for information and inspiration for work.

Under the "information" tab, here is an interesting marketing website that you should add to your list.

The Scott Thackston Daily has marketing news...and more.  I think it's work checking in on.  Let me know what you think!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

10 Ways To Make Your Day Great

No matter how positive you are, there are days when you will get in a rut.  It happens.  We all have days when we don't feel like we are "feeling it."

In the past, I have tried several things to jumpstart my mojo.  Somethings work...some don't.

But this list is GREAT!  Kevin Daum outlines 10 things you can do to get things going in the right direction if you are in a rut.  But you can also use these to make a good day, great!

Love it.  I may laminate this and keep it close to my desk for the next time I have a day of the "blahs."

Friday, November 8, 2013

Why Do You Present?

Just about everyone in a leadership position is put in a position when they sometimes need to make a presentation.  I have presented a lot.  Honestly I enjoy it.

But after reading this short blog post from Seth Godin, I know in some ways, I have missed the point.  

This simple idea of "making a change" made me think this morning.  What is the goal of your presentation?  I know mine will be slightly changed from now on.

Love it!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

If It's To Be, It's Up To Me

"If it's to be, it's up to me."  That's one of my favorite sayings.

The fact is, "they" gets blame for a lot of things these days.  The all and powerful "they" should be doing more, learning more, giving more, and doing better.  But "they" never seem to do it.  At least not up to our standards.

Here's a situation a few years ago where "they" was the problem. 

I had just come from a meeting about an on going event in our small town.  It was the first year of these monthly events, and we thought all things were going in the right direction.  We had a good group of folks that were excited about doing good in the community.

After the meeting I went into a local small business.  This person started to tell me that the event was "okay."  She then went into great length telling me what "they" should do differently to make the event better.  "They should make the hours later," she told me.  "They should have it year-round."

I stood patiently and listened and then said this...

"I am a part of 'they.'  We are starting a NEW group called 'we."  And YOU are welcome to be a part of it."

Making change often is actually not that hard.  You just have be willing to lead.  Here is a really cool blog post from Paul Kiewiet who talks about this as well.

Don't wait for "they" to do anything good in your life.  It will never get done.  Do it yourself!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Give Change A Chance

It seems like every time there is ANY kind of change with a mass-used tool, people lose their minds.  Every time Facebook dares to change a layout, the timeline blows up for about 2 days while people realize the buttons have moved.  It REALLY upsets people.  But what I find interesting is that after about those 2 days, I don't hear much about it at all.

The wasn't the layout the people didn't like.  It was that it changed.

I am human.  So though I am pretty open to change in most cases, I sometimes get bent out of shape when something "has been moved."  But most of the time, we need to give change a chance.

Often, after a change has been made for a while, then I go back to it to see how I feel.  If, after a week, a month, or whatever appropriate time I still feel that it's not might have more merit.

But try not to flip out the moment someone "moves your cheese."  You might like the new place even better!

Keep it Short

Since we are video production company, we get lots of video requests (that's a good thing).  One thing that happens quite a bit is an organization will say, "We would like a 15 minute video."

Without exception I say, "No you don't." 

This is not because they don't need a video.  Quite the contrary, most businesses need to do more with video, not less.  But when doing a video, less IS more!  You need to keep it short.

As I mention in this video blog, that movie trailer that annoyed you for giving away "the whole movie" was only 2 1/2 minutes long! 

So if you want a video that tells your story, keep it short.  The rule of thumb is, think about how long you think it might need to be and then cut it by 2/3!

Keep it short and you will keep their attention!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Business Has NOT Changed

You know I hear nearly every day (multiple times, across multiple platforms) how business has changed.  I hear it so much that it has become sort of an assumed truth.  We think, business MUST have changed.  Everyone says so!

But has it?

I don't think business has changed.  I really don't.  I think the tools we use to deliver our business to our audience has changed.  And frankly it's changed for the better!  We can communicate our message better, faster, cheaper, more creatively and with more efficiency than ever!  And because of that, I think it's the best time in history to start a business.  That's great.  But I don't think the "art of business" has changed.

Business hasn't changed because customers haven't changed.

We (as customers) still want to be appreciated.  We want to be serviced.  We want to be valued.  That hasn't changed.  Now some experts will say that customers want things faster, cheaper, and better than ever.  No argument.  But those are reliant on the tools of business.  They want these things because they want to be serviced, appreciated and valued.

The problem is, many organizations are using these exciting new business tools to make the customer feel minimized.  But they are doing it faster!

The challenge in business is not different...the tools are.  So make sure to focus your organization (and its tools) on creating an exceptional customer experience.

It's not rocket science.  It's just business.

Say It Out Loud

One of my rules about life is we need to "say it out loud" before we do things.  Often, when we go through the process of saying something out loud, we hear how ridiculous it sounds.

This website is an omage to the silly.  These are all things that were said out loud to a creative type.  Once we see them we realize how silly they are.  But it probably didn't seem stupid to the person saying it. 

Mainly because they did not "say it out loud."

6 Habits of Remarkably Likeable People

Content in today's world moves fast.  So much so that I think sometimes the article that was once really interesting, can quickly become passe'.

That's why I love articles like this one.  6 Habits of Remarkably Likeable People was written back in 2012 and still resonates with me today.

Jeff Haden does a good job of reminding us of some skills that will serve us well in business...and in life.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Giving Is Hard...Do It Anyway

I have long been of the belief that, in business and in life, we should give first. We should give value. We should give praise. We should give input, and tips, and help. We should give. The “get” will take care of itself.

But sometimes when we "give first" we get let down.  Check out this post to Medium about my experience.

The challenge with any experience like this is, how do we let it affect us and our behavior long term?  I think we need to continue down our path.  I talk about this a little on this video blog from the road.

 The long and the short of this story is, giving without expectation is still the right way.  Want more about "Giving Your Way To Success?"  You can download that book (to the right here) for FREE.  It's my way to Give To YOU today.


When Do You Get Your Best Ideas?

I find this fascinating.  We have been taught for years that if we get people together and discuss ideas, and brainstorm ideas, that we will come up with better ideas.  We have heard that "two heads are better than one" and other cliche's like that.

But is it true?  Some days it is...and some days not so much.

Here is an article where the author posts another process that makes some sense to me.

So first, where do you get your best ideas?  Second, do you think this process makes sense?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

8 Things Really Efficient People Do

Everyone would like to increase their level of efficiency, right?  By doing so, you can increase the amount you get done...or increase the amount of time you have to spend on things you love.

This is a great example of an article I should read each week.  These are all things that "I know" but don't always "Do!"

What about you?

Grit: The Biggest Indicator of Success

Last week I posted an article on this blog asking you if you "are a grinder?"  It's funny.  I had this conversation several times afterwards as well.  The idea of the post was simple. 

Everyone has ideas.  Very few people act on those ideas.  Even fewer people are willing to grind it out on a daily basis, long-term, to succeed.  I even posted a video as well.  

Today I came across this article that talks about GRIT...and how it is the biggest contributor to success.

I love it.  Are you grinding?  Do you have grit?  If you can say yes to both, you are on your way!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Job Opportunity at Hasseman Marketing


 Customer Service Representative/Sales Assistant 

Hasseman Marketing is looking for an energetic, organized candidate to fill the position of Customer Service Representative/Sales Assistant.  The right candidate needs to be able to multi-task, have good phone skills, be flexible, have a good sense of humor and must have proficient computer skills. This person will be critical to the success of a growing organization.  Some of the duties include; interacting with customers, assisting sales people, product research, coordinating artwork and other project details, as well as basic filing and telephone answering.   This person will also have some order entry responsibilities and other jobs as assigned.  Though basic computer efficiency is very important, we will train the right person on specifics.  Pay will depend on qualifications and experience.  Our office is a fun place to work, so don’t apply if you can’t laugh at yourself! 

Interested parties must submit a resume’ to Jandi Adams at Coshocton County Job and Family Services.  You can either drop resume’s off or email them to her at with the subject line HMC job opening. 

The Best Thing About Friday

I always feel bad for the person I see on Facebook or Twitter every week (and I do mean every week) saying "Oh NO it's Monday!"  and "Thank God It's Friday!"  Everybody feels like that sometimes.  But to feel it every week must be a horrible feeling.

I always wonder why they don't change their job?  It's one of those things that is a choice, whether they want to acknowledge that or not.

On the other hand, I will see some posts out there that suggest if you just join this network marketing company, or this organization, then these days of the week things won't matter at all.  I don't buy that either.

The fact is, Fridays ARE different than Mondays.  The reason is because you the customers makes it so!  If my customers are in a better mood on Fridays, then my business is likely to be better on Fridays.  If customers WANT to see me and WANT to order something to get it taken care of by the end of the week, then they will.

So today is Friday.  I expect it to be (a little) better than Monday...because you do!