Saturday, January 31, 2015

Last Week at HMC 1/25 - 1/31

What did you do last week?  Well at Hasseman Marketing, we were on the HUSTLE!  Here is your look at what you missed last week...and where to catch up!

Take Responsibility For EVERYTHING:  So many times, we blame other people or other factors for our situations or our lot in life.  Stop it!  The blame game creates a victim mentality.  Here we tell you take responsibility for EVERYTHING! 

Welcoming Chris:  We have a new face in the organization!  Chris Kirkhope has joined us and we announced this on Facebook this week.  Chris is interning here, but we hope to grow him into a full time Account Executive in no time!

Weekly Word:  This week Kirby reminded us that if we want success, it's all about a 4 letter word...WORK.  Are you willing to put in the work?

Want to Be Awesome?  Of course you do!  Here we tell you about Mark and Catherine Graham and how they make others feel important.  This very act makes them awesome.

Trade Show Time:  Do you have a cumbersome or difficult or (worse yet) ugly Trade Show backdrop?  How long does it take you to set yours up?  Watch this short video with Kirby...and be jealous.

When To Quit:  As you know, we are all about "go, go go."  So you might not expect us to tell you to quit.  But sometimes, it can be the right thing.  Find out when and why in this blog post.  

Welcome Joshua:  We are super excited to add Joshua Williams to our team!  Josh is our new full time Graphic Designer.  So if you need any design work, we can help.  This is an exciting new service that we can provide...and helps to make us full service for you.  You can learn more about Joshua here...and please let us know if you want more information!

Episode 16 of Delivering Marketing Joy:  That's right...16!  This week we meet with Jessica Hutwelker about women's empowerment, challenging yourself and not playing small.  It's a good make sure you watch it!

What a week!  Take a breath.  Enjoy.  Now it's time to start toward next week!




(Coshocton, OH)—Hasseman Marketing has added a new face, and a new service to their talented team. They proudly welcome Joshua Williams, multi-discipline graphic designer and are proud to now offer full service, in-house graphic design.
“Joining a company like Hasseman Marketing is a realization of a dream for me.” Williams comments, “I am excited to be able to use my skills and passions to help local businesses grow.”
Hasseman Marketing has been located in Coshocton County since its incorporation in 2004.  Collectively, the Hasseman Marketing staff has well over 60 years of experience in the promotional products industry.  Since 2004, Hasseman Marketing has had a strong foundation in and around the Coshocton County area.
“We are so excited to add Josh to the HMC team!” says owner Kirby Hasseman. “He will add a whole new service we can offer our clients.”
Some may recognize Josh from his time as an adjunct instructor at COTC in the Digital Media Design program. A graduate of Coshocton High School, he studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, earning his Bachelor degree in 2005. He currently lives in Zanesville with girlfriend Erin, step sons Asher, and Ephraim, and son Oliver. The have plans to relocate their family to Coshocton.
For more information on graphic design services, visit Hasseman Marketing at 432 Main Street in Coshocton and call 740-622-7429., or contact Josh directly at

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Last Week at HMC 1/19 - 1/24

It's all about hustle.  At Hasseman Marketing, our goal is to up our hustle in 2015.  Yes, we want to increase sales...everyone does.  But we know we need to control what we can control (talked about this here).  We can't control whether someone buys.  But we can control our hustle! 

So to showcase the hustle, and to give you one place to consume the content for the week, we introduce Last Week at HMC!  So let's take a look at just a few things from last week!

Don't Say Busy:  We started the week talking about the most over-used word in the English language.  Don't try and be busy.  Be productive.  Read more here. 

Weekly Word:  Yes...we do it every week.  The Weekly Word this week is READ.  How many books will you read this year?  Check it out here.  

Story-Selling:  You have heard of Story-Telling.  But have you heard of Story-Selling?  You should!  Here is a short video on that!

PromoKitchen Fun:  You might not have seen this come from us...but it did!  We put together a fun video from the recent PPAI Expo.  Just a little fun video with some fun music!  Enjoy that here!

Appreciation versus Sales:  Do you know the difference?  Do you know when to do one or the other or do you cross that line?  Find out here.  

Delivering Marketing Joy Web Show:  And we can't end this week without mentioning our awesome Delivering Marketing Joy Web Show with Jason Lucash.  Jason was on the show Shark Tank (yes he got a deal) and he was the 2013 Entrepreneur Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year!  Check out this awesome show here. 

So yes...we are bring the hustle and the funk!  Get ready for this week!  Who knows what it will bring!