Saturday, May 2, 2015

Last Week At HMC 4/26 - 5/2

Let's take a quick look back at the week that was at Hasseman Marketing.  As always, we are trying to keep the hustle up!  What do you think?

A Good Sore:  Sometimes you have a sore that hurts for no good reason.  But when sometimes...the sore feels good!  Here is what we mean!

Be Happy:  Sometimes people think that if they are successful, they will be happy.  But studies show that is not the case.  Learn more on the Weekly Word.

Why Vision Matters:  Have you ever been in a meeting (with good people) where everyone was frustrated?  It might have meant that the vision was not aligned.  Learn more about why that matters here.

Awards:  Did you know we can help you with all your AWARD needs?  Here are two recent examples of awesome awards we have done to help our clients recognize special people. 

Delivering Marketing Joy:  In this episode Denise Tashereau tells us why she focuses on a very specific niche in her business.  Really enjoyed this one!

Social Media Audit:  This is brand new!  We are going to reach out to clients to help them do Social Better.  We will do a FREE Social Media Audit of your company or organization and give you 5 actionable tips to make it better.  Just click here and sign up!

Not a bad week.  But enough of the recap...time to get back after it!

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